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Trash to Treasure

We at Lotus Sutra strongly believe  that Upcycling and Recycling should be practiced to  do our bit for saving the environment. 

Being in the hospitality industry where cleanliness and quality is the major look out. Whether its tablecloths, pillowcases, curtains, sheets or bath towels, damaged furnitures – these materials used to be a nuisance to dispose of.   


Our team is proud to  Upcycle these items to  functional and stylish products which are environmentally friendly.

 Single use plastic containers, cups, cutlery, ceramic items have caught the spotlight and global attention. They have posed a grave danger to animals and the environment. We took the initiative of transforming these items into flowerpots and make them environment friendly.

 We believe that when we rescue a piece bound for the landfill, we are reducing waste and creating a piece that will add a touch of something personal. So put on your “green” glasses and start looking for treasures! This is the story of the transformation…..

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